Sep 23, 2010

This is called the "Need"

It’s a survival time as many places in Uttar Pradeh/Uttarakhand are struggling with flood. It’s really unfortunate but we have more unfortunate things than that. Flood is the natural disaster and no one can do anything in such kind of situation but we have something which we need to take care of. I am talking about the demand which UP government has asked from the center government. Do you have any idea about the amount? Let me tell you, the demand is only of Rs 1000 crores (yes, its only 1000 crores).

Who can forget that great Ms. Mayavati (yes, she is indeed great) has wasted the money like anything. We all know that she has wasted the money like flood; so it’s a payback time madam; as flood is now wasting us. No one can forget that she has wasted 100 billion in the name of statue, memorials and other worthless things. That 100 billion could have solved the entire problem of the government in such a bad condition. I don't think that late shree B.R. Ambedkar or Mahatma Gandhi has told for such a disgusting kind of waste and scraps; and definitely, they are not going to come here to solve our problems. Because of investment in those dead people, thousands of people are being dead. Who the hell is responsible for this?

We have created this situation for ourselves. The ministers and top officers are sitting in their homes and taking sip of tea without having any burden that people are paying for their stupidity. So dear government, please stop making fools of us and do some serious things. Search where the black money is kept and trash those bloody parasites. They are the real blood sucker and its time to finish them off. Do something dear. We are going in the drain. Please do something.