Monday, September 6, 2010

What a "Pathetic" Idear Sir Ji

Have you seen the new advertisement of IDEA? I can say that the ad is the worst ad I have ever seen. May be it looks like entertaining but what it actually indicates? It indicates that if you want to live in any other state of India, you need to speak their local language only. What does it means? Was Raj Thakre not sufficient for that?

This ad is showing that if you will speak Marathi in Maharashtra, Bangali in West Bangal, Tamil in Tamilnadu and Haryanvi in Haryana, then only you will get respect and response. Is this some kind of a joke? Let Mr Thakre do this stupidity alone, why are you joining him? Please stop this kind of wrong message and let others know, whats wrong is going on.

Ads are not only for the entertainment. It reflects your mentality and effect the entire society. The media  & channel should have some responsibilities to avoid this kind of ads which reflects the Racism. This ad should be banned immediately as it is not spreading the healthy message. NGO should file the case against this ad.


  1. Whts the problem in respecting n learning local language? We should always respect local language and their local culture.

  2. Dear Sir,
    Thanks for your valuable comment. I request you to please go through the post again. We should always respect the local languages as it shows the culture of that place, but it should be for your comfort and should not mandatory. If anybody will get respect and response only if he is the local person or knows local language, this is not at all good.
    However if I hurt your emotions, please forgive.

  3. It is completely justified that everyone should learn and respect the local language and culture of the place where one lives but there should not be any compulsion for getting preference (as shown in the ad.) because no one can learn the local language instantly or before going to the respective place. It takes a nice and respectful attitude to get appreciation, no matter which langusge anyone uses. The Ad. itself says "Bolne ke liye kisi bhasha ki jaroorat nahin hoti". And by the way is idea providing free std calls??