Friday, October 29, 2010

How to calibrate Olivetti PR2/PR2E Passbook Printer

Olivetti passbook printers are widely used printer in banks. Sometimes we find problem with printer when it stops printing. In that case, calibrating the printer can solve your problem. Follow the steps to calibrate Olivetti PR2/PR2E passbook printer:
  • Switch off the printer.
  • Open the top cover of the printer and keep Head of printer at extreme left side. 
  • Press all three buttons ("Station 1", "Local" and "Station 2") and then switch on the printer. Printer will give a beep sound. 
  • Now close the top cover of the printer and press "Station 1" two times. The print Head will start moving and roller will start rolling. 
  • Now press "Station 2" once and then add a paper to the printer and again press "Station 2".
  • Printer should take paper inside and all LEDs should blink within 5-10 seconds.
  • If not, then keep pressing "Station 2" until all LEDs glow. 
  • Now switch off the printer and take test print. To take test print, press "Station 2" and power on the printer. If printer gives you the proper test page then congratulations, your printer has been troubleshooted.
  • Note: Calibrating a printer is not an easy task and you may do these steps three-four times to calibrate  the printer properly


  1. Dear sir ,
    I have encountered a problem on PR2E,
    The Local LED light is blinking when i try to print , I come from malaysia
    Sorry for poor english

    Hope to hear from you soon

  2. Look friend, calibrating is the only option but its very difficult to calibrate printer properly at first attempt. Try to calibrate printer with the above method. It may take 4-5 attempts to do it properly. If your calibration will be successful, I am 90% sure that your problem will be solved.

  3. Sir,
    i have tried the method that you mention but problem still exist , i even change the PR2E console panel

  4. Then there may be problem with logic card.

  5. i have olivetti pr2e and when i whant to print when i put the paper the printer regec the paper and do not print

  6. 1. Remove head (upper)part of Printer
    2. Just look for the senser part which is down side of head.
    3. now clean that led with iso profile .
    4. join the all the printer part properly.
    5. now power on and calibrate the printer.

  7. Dear Bipin,

    Thanks for the steps.