Thursday, October 6, 2011

List of unnecessary services in Windows

In Windows operating system, we have many services which are not necessary for day to day working. These services use resource of Windows and decrease the performance of the operating system. We can simply disable these services to enhance the machine performance. To disable any services, please follow the steps (please note that you will need Administrator privilege to perform these tasks):
  • Click on Start -> Settings -> Control Panel.
  • Go to "Administrative Tools".
  • Now open "Services". There you will find list of available services.
  • Now double click on any service which you want to stop/start.
  • Now under “Startup type”, select “Disable” through drop down menu.
  • Now click on "Apply" and the "OK". 
Following is the list of service which you can disable:
  • Alerter 
  • Application Management 
  • Background Intelligent Transfer Service 
  • Clipbook 
  • Error Reporting Service 
  • Fast User Switching 
  • IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service 
  • Indexing Service 
  • IP SEC 
  • Messenger 
  • Net Logon 
  • Network DDE 
  • NT LM Security Support Provider 
  • Performance Logs and Alerts 
  • Portable Media Serial Number 
  • Remote Desktop Help Session Manager 
  • Remote Registry 
  • Routing & Remote Access 
  • Secondary Login 
  • Smart Card 
  • Smart Card Helper 
  • SSDP Discovery Service 
  • TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper 
  • Telnet 
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply Service 
  • Universal Plug and Play Device Host 
  • Upload Manager 
  • Volume Shadow Copy Service 
  • Web Client 
  • Wireless Zero Configuration 
  • WMI Performance Adapter