May 19, 2010

"ipconfig" Command

Ipconfig is a DOS utility that can be used from MS-DOS and a MS-DOS shell to display the network settings currently assigned and given by a network. This command can be utilized to verify a network connection as well as to verify your network settings. The ipconfig.exe command is an external command and is available in Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Syntax - ipconfig [switches]

Windows XP and above Switches
  • /ALL - Display full configuration information.
  • /RELEASE - Release the IP address for the specified adapter.
  • /RENEW - Renew the IP address for the specified adapter.
  • /FLUSHDNS - Purges the DNS Resolver cache.
  • REGISTERDNS - Refreshes all DHCP leases and re-registers DNS names.
  • /DISPLAYDNS - Display the contents of the DNS Resolver Cache.
  • /SHOWCLASSID - Displays all the dhcp class IDs allowed for adapter.
  • /SETCLASSID - Modifies the dhcp class id.
The default is to display only the IP address, subnet mask and default gateway for each adapter bound to TCP/IP. For Release and Renew, if no adapter name is specified, then the IP address leases for all adapters bound to TCP/IP will be released or renewed. For SetClassID, if no class id is specified, then the classid is removed.