Aug 31, 2010

Who will decide what we want to see?

You know I am just crazy about tv and for me, it is the best way to relax. As tv is having perhaps maximum reach than any other media, its importance is undoubted. When anything gets more and unnecessary exposure then flirtation is common and same is happening with it.

I don't know when and how its all started (I am bound to abuse that scenario), but now a days if you want to see something of your choice, you will need to wait because you will get only advertisement everywhere specially in morning. Have doubt? No problem sir, just check it out. Don't need to wait or do anything special, just open your tv in morning and see the magic.

The media channels are so worried about you that every time and everywhere you will find numerous advertisement of "Talisman" product which will surely help you and your life will change like anything (as per the channel). And if fortunately, you don't find this kind of ads, other product ads are there for you. What? still don't find anything!! Congratulations!! you are lucky.

The question is why the channels are there? They in the market to entertain us or just making revenue? We all know that money do matter but what really matters is the viewers. Please don't forget that ads are there because millions of viewers are there. TV channels must have to set the priorities. I don't know about others, but I am just sick and tired of this kind of approach. Why are they forcing us to tolerate this stupidity? Perhaps, they know that this is India and "This happens only in India".