Aug 30, 2010

"Say no to piracy", How?

Day before yesterday, I went to a movie Avtar 3D in a mall and the total cost for 2 hours was just INR. 500+. I have seen an advertisement that "please stop piracy". The question here is how? I don't think that a labor class person can afford 500-600 Rs a day. Do they don't need entertainment? There is always an easy way to purchase a pirated CD/DVD at the cost of Rs. 30 only. I think, entertainment is the right of everyone and they are free to have it from where it is easily available. If the film maker is making films for only high class people group, then they are doing a big mistake. If this is their attitude then I am sorry, they are selfish and it is impossible to stop piracy because they are forcing people to do that.

Also please think about some criteria of so called malls: You are not permitted to take anything eatable from outside as you will violate the rules of mall and it is an offense. Surprisingly, the prices for everything in malls are just pathetic. What does it means that a person can't buy a chips packet @ Rs. 20 and must need to waste Rs. 60 for that. Come on!! How can you sell anything @ high rate than MRP? Everyone knows it (yes including your government) but nobody is bothered. A person having enough money can ignore this but a working class family can't.

You can't force people to do wrong things. This is totally wrong and if people try to get another way of this, I think should acceptable. Either film industry should keep these things in mind or be ready to take a loss. Please please change your attitude and take care of the general people. Please don't forget that general people always make your movie successful.