Sep 14, 2010

Sometime things happen without planning

I had a very strange and interesting indecent. Last month (August 2010), I have decided to go to Haridwar from Delhi just for fun. Due to Savan (special month to worship lord Shiva and it is most common in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh), the environment was so spiritual and lacs and lacs of people were there for the festival. My plan was to go there on Saturday and return to Sunday, just to have some change and relax from my busy life. So finally I was there on Saturday. I remember, the environment was awesome. I am somewhat a spiritual person hence I was enjoying a lot.

Let me tell you something about this festival. Normally a huge (I mean huge) number of people take water (Its normally holy water of Ganga) from their place and then start their journey to the nearest Jyotirling. Some of you may know that we have 12 Jyotirlings of lord shiva in India. After reaching that place, people dedicate the holy water to lord shiva. And the most important and interesting part of this festival is that people travel hundreds of kilometer on foot. Normally we can't even think to travel few hundred kilometer on foot but that time is totally different. That actually shows the uniformity of the country as all people wear saffron costume (95%), all are on foot, the route is same for all, there are incredible crowd and the atmosphere is simply superb. Perhaps you will not find similar kind of buzz anywhere else.

I remember, 2 years ago, I and my brother Nyara have visited Deoghar (Jharkhand) for the very same reason. Due to massive crowd I missed the chance to have direct sight of lord shiva, even I have reached the temple and I regret for long time due to that. At that time, only 35 lac people were there.

So come back to Haridwar. I was just walking here and there. I don't know how, but suddenly I have decided to go to Rishikesh (around 30 kilometers from haridwar) to see Neelkanth Mahadev (one of the jyotirling). I did not have any extra cloths, so I purchased some cloths (Saffron of course), taken a dip in Ganga (seriously, enjoyed a lot) and then moved to Rishikesh (on foot of course). I walked all night to reached there (that was 8-10 hours journey from rishikesh). Sunday morning at 3:00, I reached there and seen around 7 kilometers long queue up to the temple. So, I was in the line for around 4 hours to be in the temple. When all over, I was too tired (I can't describe in words). So, taken some rest and then go back to Rishikesh. I reached Rishikesh and fortunately, I got the direct bus to Delhi. 

I can't tell you about Monday. That was just pathetic. I was truly not able to do anything but work is indeed the work and you have to be there. After this indecent, I got to believe that we all are just doing things which god wants us to do. That was indeed a memorable experience which I will always remember.