Apr 26, 2012

How to reconfigure Lotus Domino server

Sometimes we forget to configure few things while installing the new domino server. Now if your domino server is installed and running properly but few configurations are missing, you can reconfigure your domino server with simple steps.
  • Go to the domino program directory (by default C:\Lotus\Domino) and find Notes.ini file. 
  • Now open the Notes.ini file as Notepad. 
  • Keep entries up to Install Type and delete rest entries. You will normally find following entries:
UserName=Nilabh Verma
CompanyName=BNV Inc.
ServiceName=Lotus Domino Server (LotusDominoData)
  • Please remember that the entries are case sensitive.
  • Now save the file and restart the domino server. It will start in the configuration mode where you can again do the configurations.