May 3, 2015

Happy to say - Bye bye Flipkart

Hi Friends!

Don't know after how many days or months I am writing this post (sspecially in English) but something happened which forced me to write this post. First of all let me clear this that the title of this post is real and I am not going to use Flipkart anymore from now on. Confused? Let me clarify this. And yes, I assure you that even if you are a hardcore Flipkart fan, you have to agree with these facts. So let's begin.

I remember 2009 (6 years ago) when I first came to know about Flipkart and I was very excited about online shopping concept. That time if you place an order of more than INR 200/-, your delivery used to be free. I am sure those who are using flipkart since last 2-3 years will agree with this fact. Seriously guys, I have placed many orders on Flipkart just to save delivery charges.

Then time changes and Flipkart becomes a brand by now. I have observed few amazing things but before that, I am going to give you all guys an exercise. Don't simply trust me as I may be a liar so better do your own stuff. I want you to open in your next tab and validate what I am saying.

Just go to Flipkart and try to open any category (and I mean ANY). No no... Don't stop. Open other categories too. I want you to see at-lease five products in different categories. Did you find anything unusual? Really? Not yet? Ok just have a look on these images:

Do you find anything special? Ok let me make it easier. Just look at the "Sold By" area which I have highlighted. Ohh... Now picture is bit clear. This is just a 5 different categories but you search in any category, you will find the cheapest price by an ONLY great company "WS Retails". Isn't it weird that one company is selling mobile, computer, cloths, footwear, consumer durables.... EVERYTHING on a lowest price and still we are unaware of that company. Also if anyone of you ever got free coupon for Flipkart, you must have observed that your coupon will be valid only for products sold by "WS Retails". So who is this "WS Retails"? Simple answer, it's a fraud.

The reality is all of us, small merchandisers put their products on Flipkart and pay assuming our sales will increase but practically your listings are there just to increase the traffic. Ultimately product has to be sold by "WS Retails" as its price will be the least. And sir, the difference will be so high that you will not even think to choose other vendors. Basically "WS Retails" is a SCAM owned by Flipkart. See how easy it is to make us fool! I also found a nice article about "WS Retails":


Now something happened last week and today that I am writing this post. Few years back Flipkart suddenly increased the minimum order from INR 200/- to INR 500/- which we all can understand but see what Flipkart is doing now. Now if you order multiple items in Flipkart, it will charge delivery charges on every product, no matter you are placing an order of INR 5000/-. Also the minimum delivery charges will be INR 60/- and it's really sad to see delivering charge INR 100/- for a book worth INR 215/-.

Now just have a look on below images clearly tell you how Flipkart is looting us. It's just a comparison of same products in Flipkart and Amazon.

Now finally, my last mail to Flipkart:


First of all thank you to let me search other options in online shopping. I am very old customer of Flipkart but in recent time, you have truely started looting the customer. I have tried to order multiple items and I was amazed to see that the delivery charges are there for every individual items. That is really pathetic to pay INR 100/- as a delivery charge for INR 215/- book (Asura - Hindi). Minimum delivery chagrges was INR 60/-. I have ordered the same thing from Amazon in less than 50% of your price. How amazing is this?

Also please stop playing tricks with your customer to sell almost every items through "WS Retails". Everyone knows it's your venture.

Anyhow, don't want to strech this issue too much. Just want to say Goodbye. I am really happy to say goodbye to Flipkart. And yes, I am writing a blog regarding this and will surely share the link. I hope someday I will see the old and genuine Flipkart again.