Dec 15, 2016

How to enable webpage to change Domain User's password in Windows 2012 Server

In a large environment, we can't give every Administrators, access to Active Directory servers to reset the password. I am going to tell you how we can enable a Webpage to achieve the same goal. You don't need to install any third party software for that. Everything will be done by core Microsoft services.
  • Open "Server Manager" and click on "Remote Desktop Services" and then "Next".
  • In "Role Services" screen, click on following roles to install. It will ask to add few additional features. Click on "Add Features" to add them.
    • Remote Desktop Connection Broker
    • Remote Desktop Session Host
    • Remote Desktop Web Access

  • In "Web Server Role (IIS)" screen, keep all default settings selected.

  • In confirmation screen, click on "Install" to install the role. Once it's done, click on "Finish" and then reboot your server.

  • After reboot, open "Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager" and navigate to "Server Name -> Sites -> Default Web Site -> RDWeb -> Pages". At right side, you will find "Application Settings" icon. If' the screen is in "Content View", you will not see all these options. In that case you can right click on "Pages" and set it to "Features View".

  • Double click on "Application Settings" and there you will find "PasswordChangeEnabled" option. Double click on "PasswordChangeEnabled" and set it to "true" and click "OK".

  • Once it's done, open your Internet Explorer and access this URL: https://FullServerName/RDWeb/Pages/en-US/password.aspx. Where Server Name will be your FQDN of your server (e,g. or you can use the IP Address of your server. It will give a security warning for SSL, please accept it and the it will land you to the Password Change webpage.

  • You can provide this link to your Administrators to change the password without disturbing the main Active Directory server.